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Linked Forex Trading Broker Accounts to Good Forex Traders: Financial and Risk Factors

These days many busy Forex traders are linking their Forex broker accounts to Forex accounts traded by good Forex traders. They are often too busy to trade themselves and therefore would rather have the experts trade their account. These linked Forex accounts can be done in many ways such as using a formal account linking organisation such as Zulutrade or by using a VPS account linking service. Before linking your Forex trading broker account you need to do some financial feasibility and risk investigations before committing to such a service.

Firstly evaluate the costs compared to the balance of your account. If you are paying eighty dollars a month for signals and twenty dollars a month for the linking fee your total monthly cost is one hundred dollars. If however you are only using an account of one thousand dollar it means that you will have to make a return of ten percent per month to breakeven. This is clearly this has low financial feasibility. If your account balance is ten thousand dollars you would only have to make a return of one percent to breakeven. This is much more acceptable.

Many linked Forex trading broker accounts opportunities allow you to set the amount or percentage risked per trade. From a financial risk perspective you should risk very small amounts or percentages initially until you are happy about the performance generated. Once you are happy about the Forex trading of your successful traders you can gradually increase the percentage risked over time.

The percentage drawdown calculation is one very often overlooked by investors. This is the maximum loss incurred during the biggest losing streak as a percentage of the capital prior to the losing streak. This will give you an idea of the risks involved and guide you as to what a safe percentage to risk per trade should be. The success rate achieved by good Forex traders is often a statistic used and abused in the marketing process and misunderstood by investors. A high success rate is not a guarantee of financial success if a trader has a ninety percent success rate and financially losses more the ten percent of the time when loses are made. Therefore be very aware of the size of losses incurred or potential size of losses that can be incurred.

You should take your time and be thorough when evaluating potential Forex account linking opportunities.

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