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Learning To Profit From Forex Day Trading

Investors are always looking for ways to make money; for some this means buying and selling futures contracts, for others means buying and selling stocks. One such method is Forex day trading. Day trading in general, and specifically Forex Day Trading, is the practice of buying and selling various assets, such as futures, options, stocks and currencies, with the intention of profiting from the price volatility on a particular day. Trading Forex entails looking for variations in pairs of currencies and attempting to buy when their difference is low and sell when their difference is high.

A Specialized Form of Trading

In the beginning, day trading was only possible for financial companies such as banks because of the fact that few had access to the market exchanges and live market data. Now with the advancement of both the Internet and the processes of the stock and futures markets, individuals now have access the same market data and futures exchanges as these financial institutions. In addition, trading has become so affordable that just about anyone with a computer can make trades. Thanks to the computer age, Forex day trading is now more available than ever before.

Trading in your Bathrobe?

For many people, the year 2000 image of Forex day trading was middle-aged guys who quit their regular jobs to sit at home in their bathrobes making trades. Thanks to the Internet, we don’t have to see a sight like this! While this is definitely possible, it is a broader picture; if you have an Internet connection, you can receive Forex news. If you can receive news, you are able to do the technical analysis necessary to make decisions and then to make trades, no matter whether you are at home, in an Internet café or on the beach. It sounds simple because it is; the hard part of Forex day trading isn’t implementing trades, it is knowing what trades to make.

Forex Day Trading is not for Everyone

As with any kind of trading, Forex day trading is not for everyone. The stories of great successes in day trading (which are usually sold in EBooks on the Internet) are more than overshadowed by a large percentage of people who lose money day trading Forex or any other commodity. The money that you invest is called “risk capital” for a good reason; when you start investing, you have put this money at risk of loss. Successful traders know that when they expose their money to risk, it takes research and experience to make Forex day trading profitable.

Forex currency trading for beginners includes some important steps. Like any other form of trading, the investor needs a trading plan to outline his or her strategy; do you plan to trade by “scalping” (only holding positions for a few seconds or minutes)? Do you plan to use trend trades, counter-trend trades, or ranging trades? These are the kind of decisions that come into play and you need to know what you are going to do before you do it.

In addition, Forex day trading requires the new investor to understand the importance of research and technical analysis; if you don’t follow the news, you can’t really know what’s going to happen with the currencies you trade. These days, there is a wealth of technical analysis tools available on the Internet. Finally, beginners need to have a system for charting trends and analyzing the movement for each currency they trade. For Forex day trading (and for all other types of trading for that matter), Japanese Candlesticks offers the best system for seeing movement in the market.


Forex day trading is not for everyone. It can be unpredictable and it is possible to lose more than you originally invested. If you learn Forex trading and the techniques and processes involved, it is possible to profit from Forex day trading. The good news is you don’t have to work in your bathrobe! (Unless you want to!)

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