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Five Major Forex Trading Mistakes That Traders Make

Forex trading is undoubtedly a great money-making platform. However, fact is even the most experienced traders tend to make mistakes that cost them in the long run. This samples a list of some of the greatest mistakes that forex traders commit and sheds lights on some of the best strategies that you can adopt to avoid such pitfalls.

Not having a proper plan

This is virtually one of the greatest mistakes that traders make in the market. In the absence of an effective strategic plan, traders work in the market based on speculations and as a result they meet losses and they end up putting the blame on their brokers instead. Without a clear definitive plan traders usually do not have a clear judgment on when to stop in the market and the right amount of money to invest initially. At the end of it all they end up spending minimal time in the market before they are kicked out of business.

Unrealistic goals and expectations

Most traders tend to set rather unrealistic goals and objectives in the market and usually expect monetary returns too soon. However, they eventually end up committing too many mistakes in the cause of their trading not realizing that it requires a lot of patience and tolerance for one to be able to start enjoying lucrative profits.

Not having protective stops

Also most traders end up being pushed out of the forex market since they do not use protective stops. With protective stops you are able to gain a broad knowledge base of exactly how much money you ought to invest and whether you stand a chance of earning profits or not. Protective stops are undoubtedly effective money management tools everyone should use.

Excessive leverage

Another common mistake that traders make in the market is taking out excessive leverage. Traders should have clear definitive picture of how leverage works and how exactly they can use it to make profits. Exercise a lot of caution when it comes to using leverage and see to it that you do not lose capital in the event that an abnormal move is made against you.


There are traders who tend to overtrade and they eventually suffer from lethal losses. If you notice that you are incurring losses as you trade then you should put your investments on hold. Instead of persisting to trade to overcome the losses you should put your trades on hold first and focus your energies on diagnosing the reasons as to why you’re trading is failing and find strategies of correcting the same.

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