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Automated Forex Trading – Now the Regular Guy Can Make Money Using a Forex Robot

The Basics: Forex trading, or the trading of one currency against the other is a market that involves trillions of dollars. In the past, forex trading was only practical for investment banks, or to those who had large sums of money. It was and still is a very complicated market, and the only way to really make money was to have someone monitor the market constantly, and make trades when they were profitable.

The Problem: What complicates matters for most regular or average guys, is The forex market runs 24 hours a day. It runs nearly every day except weekends. The only time the market is not trading is from 5:00pm EST on Friday through 3:15pm EST on Sunday. No one can single-handedly monitor the market during operating hours.

The Brokers Get Rich: The big time traders would use brokers to manage their forex trading. The large investment banks sometimes have a small army of experts trading the whole 24 hours. So as you can see, a regular guy does not stand a chance in forex trading under those circumstances. What started happening to a lot of traders is that their own brokers started betting against them. Can anyone say Lehman Brothers? Investors started getting burned by unscrupulous brokers and those same brokers were starting to get rich, basically by manipulating the investors.

The Change in Forex: Automated Forex Trading came on to the scene and investors now had a means of being able to bypass brokers. Some brokerage firms started closing accounts on those using automated forex trading software also known as “forex robots” because these robots were outsmarting the brokers. The original robots were quite pricey, and sometimes not so good.

Today’s Solution: Now, there are forex robots available to the average guy. Many are available that cost way under $200. At such a reasonable price, forex trading is now a practical investment program for the regular guy. The best part is that these robots are quite good at what they do. Most of these reasonably priced trading robots have an excellent trading record and profitability.

Now is a Good Time: Unstable financial markets actually make forex trading a smart move. More profits have been made this year for most traders than the last 3 years put together. Trade smart, and you can have quite a rewarding experience.

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