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Why Management Should Use Primavera Software?

Management is an important process of the business. Managing each and every department is very difficult. Yet the management has to be done right to prevent the loss to the business. If management is not good, then everything in the business will go wrong. Generally, primavera software will be used by the company’s engineers for the purpose of planning, budgeting, linking inter related process, checking the progress, submit the progress to the management, resource planning, man power planning. The primavera software consists of the work breakdown structure for structuring the inter-related tasks. The primavera also consists of the organizational break down structure.


Planning generally includes resource planning, man power planning, material planning, time planning, cost related planning. Planning has to be done before any work starts because successful planning will only help the project to be finished within time and cost successfully. Resource planning has to be done because if the manpower, material, money is available already but if the sufficient resources are not available then it is a complete failure. Man power planning has to be done because without sufficient manpower nothing can be started, processed or can be completed. Time planning has to be done because the work has to be done very fast within a particular time otherwise the cost of the project will increase. Using the planning technique, the cost, manpower, machine, material, and resource can be allocated to each and every individual task.

Interlinking individual set of processes:

The project may be sub divided into various sub divided tasks. These sub divided tasks may be inter linked to each other, meaning, to complete one task, one previous task may have to be completed. To start one task, one previous task may have to be completed. To finish one task, one previous task may have to be completed. Means, the individual task are dependent on each other. If we fail to complete one task, then competition of number of tasks may be delayed.


Budgeting has to be done because the management and the authority of the business should know how much does the project may cost. Budgeting has to be done because, based on the budget reports, the management may have to take project approval from various authorities. Budgeting helps us know how much each cost and every individual task will cost us. Budgeting process will also include the cost estimation process which is nothing but estimating how much the project may cost by processing the data from various bills progressively. The cost estimation is generally done monthly, weekly and yearly. The monthly, weekly and yearly cost estimation will be done by extracting the net amount or gross amount from various bills.

Man Power Planning:

Man power is an important part of the project. Allocating right number of manpower for each and every task is very important. Right number of manpower and the payment of wages to the manpower should be done at the right time to stop the project delays.

So to do each of the above mentioned tasks successfully, software would be helpful which can make the process easily.

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