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Underrated MS Excel

Anyone who is looking to organize any aspect of their life should use Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the most underrated programs on a computer. Any person has the potential to turn their life around with the use of Microsoft Excel.

For starters, when Microsoft Excel is started, there are a number of templates right off the bat that would be useful for anyone. Calendars, Cashflow Analysis, Stock Analysis, Travel Expense Budget, Project to do list, inventory list, you name it. Everything you might need is right there to use. Any and all of these could be useful to anybody. Microsoft Excel has tutorials built in their main page where you can select your template. The tutorial gives you a little breakdown of everything they have to offer, but doesn’t necessarily show all of Its wonders.

In the book, “Learn Excel 2013 Expert Skills with the Smart Method: Courseware Tutorial teaching Advanced Techniques,” written by Mike Smart, someone learning to take their business to the next level would really benefit from reading this. This book breaks down all of the basics of excel from the different rows and their columns, from changing a table to a range, to formulas, to the inclusion of links to websites, to find information on the web and other pages, to locking document information from specific employees, to filtering information for searches and display. Anything you might want to do, Excel will probably be able to do and is shown in this book.

Any business owner would benefit from the use of Excel for many reasons. Companies typically use excel for the use of budgeting and monthly sales. Management normally enters and tracks this information in a manner that reflects the basis of the company. Excel can turn this information into graphs of the simplest form to show staff how well or poor they are doing. Not only that, Excel organizes the information in tables that are easily legible for any party. This is important for investors and stakeholders in a business. When they are constantly reading through papers all day, having information that important to them in the easiest of forms, showing them their money and where it is going will make them very happy. If a breakdown of more information is needed, Excel can do this.

Companies often keep employee distributions and dividends, profit and loss statements, employee sale average, location sales for larger companies and more in Excel. The access and ease of getting this information is wonderful with Excel. A company folder can be accessed for anyone to view, but there are ways in which management is the only ones who can access this information.

Excel can transfer data, tables, calculations, and anything being worked on into any other Microsoft template. This would be useful in the creation of proposals. A graph or table can be exported into Microsoft word to really showcase what is trying to be said in a report. Also, Access is a great tool that can be used for entering information for saving later, where Excel can be used to export the information into to create tables out of.

Excel can turn any business around. Excel can even turn any student or family household around. The ease of organizing information is incredible. The ease of accessing information is so simple. With the help of the book and package mentioned above, the flow of using Excel is only done more swiftly. Planning your day, simple to do lists, simple budgeting, simple calendars and such can be used if you don’t even have the time to learn the full benefits of the program. Any company would be wise to learn about the full benefits this incredible program has to offer that is easily accessible on majority of computers already. What’s important is the ease of it. Training Excel is simpler to train than training Access or other data entry programs. Simple is best in small companies.

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