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Business Structure

Each company, firm, joint venture, stock-holding company, concern, bank, fund has its own complicated business structure and the stuff which is necessary for the work. But still there are some general principles how to organize the work at the enterprise. We’ll try to give you some information about it.

The Managing Director or the Chief Executive or President is the head of the company. The company is usually run by a Board of Directors – each Director is in charge of a department. The Chairman of the Boards is in overall control and may not be the head of any department.

Vice-President or Vice-Chairman is at the head of the company if the President or the Chairman is absent or ill.

Most companies have Finance, Sales, Marketing, Production, Research and Development, Personnel, Tax, Logistics Departments. These are the most common departments, but some companies have others as well.

Most departments have a Manager, who is in charge of its day-to-day running, and who reports to the Director. The Director is responsible for strategic planning and for making decisions. Various personnel in each Department report to the Manager.

Let’s dwell on some positions in details.

General Manager-supervises and leads the company’s employees, maintains relations with customers, executes sales contracts and provides problem analysis and resolutions. Represents the company at fairs and distributors’ conferences. In some companies maintains a local warehouse. Provides quality audits. Self-motivated, decision maker.

Sales Manager-manages the sales staff of a company, supervises sales activity including a stuff of sales representatives, plans and achieves target sales revenues and maintains a positive relationship between the company and its clients. Must have extensive sales experience, often as many as 5 years in the position of sales representative before moving up to the position of sales manager. Excellent communication and management skills are required. The person must be a proven problem solver and possess management skills necessary to develop a sales team.

Finance and Administration Manager-must have strong accounting experience including maintenance of Internal Controls, costing. Budgeting, forecasting and the development of Logistics and Administration Systems to support a rapidly growing business.

Marketing Manager-manages marketing department. Plans, directs and executes all marketing and related activities. Oversees creative effort and media plans. Must have year commercial experience, strong interpersonal skills, ability to manage a team and lead personnel, excellent communication skills, computer literacy.

Customer Service Manager-finds proper persons, organizes and supervises the job of Customer Service Clerks, Receptionist. Provides the solution for all existing conflict situations. Provides information and orders forms for distributors, directors. Prepares monthly reports regarding performance of distributors.

Product Development Manager-develops branded products for the company. Prepares a brief of the project, a timeline with priorities and options for the successful competition of the project. Researches on potential facilities, provides competitors’ analysis. Realizes market research on product quality and packing. Negotiates with the producer.

Forecast, Supply and Transport Supervisor-makes monthly forecasts of all products. Works with a company software system (Product Forecast). Provides logistics, works with suppliers concerning shipments of product.

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