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Watch Out for Financial Quick Fixes When Trying to Avoid Filing Bankruptcy

I don’t think there is a soul in the US that has not been affected by our current economy. For some folks it’s much worse than others. Millions of Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure and many others are filing bankruptcy to stop aggressive creditors. It seems like every disaster brings out the good in people, but also with it brings out a lot of bad. Over the last few years, there has been a large growth in the financial scam industry. These unscrupulous characters have no problem stealing from someone who is down on their luck. They parade around selling themselves as saviors to someone that’s heading towards a bankruptcy filing.

These scams are cloaked in many different forms. There are too many to name, but to name a few are erase your debts, debt settlement, credit repair, and loan modification companies to save homes from foreclosure. While there are some honest ones in these industries, the majority of them are nothing more than scams. This end of the financial industry is unregulated allowing these crooks to prey upon individuals that are at the end of their rope and possibly filing for bankruptcy.

The idea that there is a one size fits all solution to all financial problems is foolish. You could even ask a bankruptcy attorney if filing bankruptcy is for everyone and they will tell them that it’s not. During these tough financial times, people need to be wary of anyone promising them an easy way out. The only foolproof way to eliminate debt is to file for bankruptcy. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is best for individuals that have a large amount of unsecured debt. On the other hand, Chapter 13 is king when it comes to protecting a home from foreclosure. Before getting signed up with any program that seems to be too good to be true, an individual should take the time and sit down with a bankruptcy attorney to get their opinion. An attorney should point an individual in the right direction and definitely not push them into filing bankruptcy if it is not necessary.

Most people spend too much time watching TV and consequently receive a lot of misinformation. Just because you saw it on the Internet or on a TV commercial doesn’t make it true or even if it is true not in the best interest of everyone. Filing bankruptcy is the only form of debt elimination that uses the US legal system. All others are voluntary and require an agreement with the creditors, leaving the debtor at the mercy of the same people that have been coming after them.

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