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Top 5 IT cos: Who is the best dividend payer among them?

Chillicious Bureau

A healthy outsourcing climate, and huge client spending have been putting more money into the coffers of IT companies from the late 1990s. It is no wonder that tech and software companies have also been known to give generous dividends to its shareholders.

Even if the stock prices of these companies see minor fluctuations, give or take a few points, investors were assured of a small cut.

To test the theory, Chillicious run the query to analyse the dividends given by top five IT companies in terms of maximum market capitalisation.

For the period between January 2011 till March 2016, all these five companies have declared dividends. 

Infosys remained the highest dividend yield payer among the list with Rs 295.

However, what is interesting to note is the stock have whiplashed from a low of 3 percent returns to a whopping 265 percent. In the period under consideration, 3 out of 5 stocks have given over double the returns.

The data also reveals that Infosys stands among the companies which has given better dividend yield returns although its share price didn’t see much of a run-up.