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No ease of doing business in Goa, says local businessmen

No ease of doing business in Goa, says local businessmen

A section of Goa’s prominent businessmen today expressed displeasure claiming that there is “no easy of doing business” in the state which has prompted many business houses to move their ventures outside the state.

Speaking at a conclave organised by a local media house here, Srinivas Nayak, Director, Casino Pride Group that there is a need of introspection as to why businessmen are preferring to move outside their home state.

“This is a time for introspection. How many businessman families were there in Goa 10 years ago and how many are there right now. Why they have shifted out of Goa,” Nayak said.

In apparent reference to controversy surrounding casino business in the tourist state, Nayak said those investing crores of rupees are being labelled as “illegal.” “No businessman wants to be tagged as illegal. Have you imagined what a business goes through after investing crores of rupees? You are made to invest and then labelled as illegal. There is no ease of doing business here,” he said.

Taking a dig at Goa government’s various social welfare schemes, Nayak said the government makes youth redundant by offering them doles, which are eventually paid through taxes paid by the business houses.

Another businessman, Manoj Caculo, chairman & managing director of Goa based Caculo Group, echoed the sentiments of Nayak.

“As far as ease business in Goa is concerned, the ease seems to be like a bad word. The ruling party never gives due importance to the business community,” he said.

Caculo said while those who wants to do business legally find it difficult to get the licences, there is no check on several traders and business houses which don’t follow law.

Datta Nayak, who is the fifth generation from state’s KDN Group of business house, said his own firm has stopped constructions in villages as the rules are tough.

“Due to which, the constructions are only happening in the cities, escalating the prices of the real estate,” he added.