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DoT asks telcos to align spectrum spots by June 15

DoT asks telcos to align spectrum spots by June 15

In a move that gives telecom operators opportunity to provide quality service and high speed mobile internet, the Department of Telecom has asked companies to align their spectrum frequencies by June 15.

The DoT in a letter to telecom operators said that “shifting of carriers shall commence with effect from May 23, 2016 and be completed by June 15, 2016.” Spectrum holding in India is highly fragmented owing to the fact that the spectrum allocated to telecom operators was assigned in different quantum at different points of time.

Fragmented allocation of spectrum results in inefficiencies and hence it in a way defeats the purpose of liberalisation of airwaves for providing high speed data services like 3G and 4G.

“Like a thick water pipe can carry huge amount of water at good speed, spectrum frequencies aligned together can also act like a fat pipe and deliver high speed data without wastage.

Services through fragmented spectrum is like delivering water to one customer through various thin pipes,” an official explained.

Industry has been requesting government to facilitate harmonisation of spectrum spots so that they can deliver quality service at less cost.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has also recommended government at various occasion to facilitate harmonisation of spectrum and sell only contiguous frequencies as it can fetch good value because of its efficiency.