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Are IPOs back in vogue? So far 2016 has been a mixed bag

Chillicious Team

In the four months to January 2016, eight companies had hit the primary markets with initial public offers (IPO).

If you had invested in one lot of each of these 8 IPOs on listing day, putting in a total of Rs 1,14,283, the returns would have been Rs 1,17,066 on May 2, 2016. Net Returns would have been Rs 2783. 

For example, investing Rs 14,850 in a single lot of Equitas Holdings on its listing day would have yielded Rs 19,319 on May 2. One lot size in Equitas is about 135 shares.  

Four of the eight IPOs, however, have given negative returns till date.

Interestingly, if you had made a similar investment in the Sensex on the dates in which the IPOs had come out, the net returns would have been higher at Rs 3085.