What To Do With Term Rates

Have you processed through all the good things you can do with a solid term quote?

Have you processed through all the good things you can do with a quality term quote?

You should know what you need before you even begin to shop for life insurance. To start from the beginning, there are two avenues to go down when getting insurance: term and permanent.

These are very different. For example, there are a lot of choices and no expiration with permanent insurance. Some can be treated like an asset and some like a savings account. You can take a loan out against it and treat it like a fix-income security or withdraw cash from it – depending on what you choose.

There is a catch: high rates from the start.

For lower premiums: term insurance. Term insurance does not last forever, and truth be told, the best rate comes with the shorter term. There are two wins with term insurance: a premium that is only nickels compared to permanent and a premium that does not fluctuate.

For those like yours truly, this is a good financial decision for such a tight budget and game plan. For just loonies a day you can get good insurance during the time when the expenses of life are the most.

If your goal is to eliminate debt aggressively, this affordable option is for you.

Let term life insurance assist you by doing this: Get a good, affordable policy while there are a lot of expenses left to pay for. Think about a 25 or 30 year term and plan that far ahead. As your cash flow increases, aggressively attack your home debt, savings account for the kid’s college, and put away at least 15% into a moderate growth retirement fund – all simultaneously.

Sure, this might create a tough day to day budget, but at the end of your term life policy, you will have a house that is paid off, kid’s going to school debt free, and a massive IRA for your spouse that will take care of them if something were to happen to you.

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