Sony details how the Xperia XZ2’s Dynamic Vibration System works

The new Sony Xperia XZ2 features a Dynamic Vibration System a more powerful, more advanced haptic feedback system that enhances music, movies and games.

The first step, is a much larger vibration motor check out the size difference, this is the reason the smaller XZ2 Compact lacks this feature.

Next up is software magic it analyzes sound and activates the vibration in sync. It doesnt just track the base, it also listens to the higher frequencies to determine when vibration will enhance the experience.

Sony details Xperia XZ2's Dynamic Vibration SystemSony’s new Dynamic Vibration System is larger and more capable than a classic vibration motor

This is also why the system is so versatile it doesnt need a new audio format or special support from game devs, Sony has done the heavy lifting. It helps that the stereo speakers on the XZ2 are more powerful than their predecessors.

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