How Small Business Marketing Advice Helped Create A Winning Marketing Strategy

Recently a possible customer approached me needing a marketing advisor to help him with taking his new software product to market.

Recently a possible customer approached me needing a marketing advisor to help him with taking his new software product to market.

Where did I start? With the strategy. Not with methods, business models or any of that. Not with web design or traffic or content. The outcome of what will go on is reliant on sound small business marketing advice.

Now let me be clear this company’s particular methodology would possibly not be that useful to you, but how we arrived at the strategy should be. The small business marketing advice I gave my client involves leverage, exclusivity, scarcity and the power of clans.

Before endorsing something, I wanted to do some research first. Starting with keyword analysis we found out that one or two firms offer something similar, but rather than doing any SEO these firms focused on selling their brand.

It’s been effective because they each get large amounts of traffic but little to none of it really is coming from long-tail keyword optimisation. No content marketing either. Branding. The most pricey way to promote any business is by branding the name of the company.

When we learned that nobody in the target customer base was using online search to find products like this it became preferrable to decide the best way to reach them.

So our campaign starts with collaboration in the groups where the crowd already is. To enter talks about what they are already talking about. To tie something they already need, to the advantages our product provides.

Then we are wanting to build relationship with the most influential members of the market and ask them to try it and (if they are benefiting) endorse it to their inner group of friends. We’re also working to establish rapport with the most influential blog owners in the space, for identical reasons.

And all of this is replicable with your product too. Personal recommendation selling is so exceedingly powerful and its easy to understand and use.

Social media marketing offers us all a platform that makes it feasible to establish direct contact with thought leaders. Enroll like minded folks in your vision, ask for their assistance and watch what occurs!

Scott A Dennison provides regular doses of small business marketing advice through the Florida Inbound Marketing blog. Check out his posts which are written many times per week.

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