Basic Tips On How To Register A Trademark In Singapore

Trademark Definition

Trademark Definition

A trademark is a title or sign used to recognize the source of a specific item or service. It contains a word, phrase, logo or design that serves as the special mark of an item or service and makes it stand out from others of a similar kind.

A business owner can gain loads of advantages when he or she registers a trademark. For one thing, he or she can propose licenses and franchises to concerned individuals. This of course results in one more efficient income flow.

As a trademark owner, he or she will likewise be protected from others who are utilizing misleadingly similar terms or names, which, in turn, provide deceitful match and unlevel playing field. Nowadays, registration of a trademark likewise offers protection for the online domain of a business.

Registration Of Trademark In Singapore

For companies doing business in the Lion City, they should register their trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore or IPOS, an organization under the Ministry of Law. Trademark registration in the state is commonly done through a certified registration agency, making the process even more convenient and easier for applicants. Although it is not discouraged to file directly with IPOS, employing the services of a registration agency saves the business or brand holder time, money and effort.

The International Classification of Goods and Services leads the trademark registration to help in classification. And although trademark registration in the country is not required, a business person who has registered marks obtains common law rights.

Marks That Cannot Be Registered

There are, however, some marks that trademark registration in Singapore cannot safeguard. The Trade Mark Law in the Lion City, for instance, does not permit marks descriptive of the business’ item, service or line of business for registration, also those common to the trade, those unlawful, insulting or misleading in sort, and those recorded as a protected symbol, which include Royal emblems or state flags.

Protecting your business starts with protecting your label name. Don’t let others take your business identity. To know more about trademark policies, and how to safeguard your brand, it is best to seek advice from a certified registration agency immediately.

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