ZTE is officially back, may announce Axon 9 at IFA 2018

We all know what happened with ZTE. The United States banned the Chinese phone maker from operating in the United States for breaking sanctions and using American components in countries where the company was not supposed to. Now ZTE can operate again, but the it has to rebrand the name to re-enter the US.

Several long months and back and forths between the Chinese and American governments, ZTE is out of its hiatus and is ready to announce phones again. Yesterday, ZTE tweeted a poster that confirmed itd be at IFA where it is Leading 5G Innovations between August 31 and September 5, though no smartphone launch was specifically mentioned.

See you at #ifa2018 !

ZTE Device (@ZTEDevice) August 16, 2018

A leaked invitation image shows a large number 9, which is a clear indication that the company would announce the Axon 9. However, you never know about the authenticity of these “leaked” invites.

ZTE has a lot of work to do to rebuild the companys image. ZTE really needs to wow the press with whatever it is showing off in Berlin with full transparency surrounding what happened. If Samsung could do it after its phones were literally exploding, ZTE should be able to bounce back after this.