YouTube Go expands to 130 countries

YouTube Go is one of the apps thats part of Googles effort to get the same information to people in developing countries while using a lot less data. There are other apps with the same concept: a lightweight version of an otherwise data-hungry app that offers the apps core functionalities while keeping tabs on data usage.

The app is expanding to 130 countries around the world, so its quite a big deal. The app is arriving in the Play Store in many countries in Central and South America, Middle Eastern countries, and part of Africa. YouTube Go first launched as a Beta product in India before officially releasing in Indonesia.

Mobile internet is still considered a luxury in many parts of the world, so YouTube Go is meant to let people download YouTube videos to their internal storage where theres good reception or a Wi-Fi network available. Users can then watch these videos whenever they want to, and YouTube Go even lets these users share videos with others without the need for an internet connection.