You cant hail an Uber via Google Maps anymore

A while back, Google introduced support for displaying ride sharing apps and their estimated rates right from Google Maps view of different transit and transportation directions. At first, Uber was the only ride sharing app to show up in Google Maps directions view.

Later, Uber and Google Maps added support to fully request a ride, without needing to switch to the Uber app. This particular feature will no longer work as of the latest app updates. You can still see the Uber ride option within Google Maps, among other ride sharing apps and their estimated fares, but booking a car with Uber will switch you to the Uber app.

Googles Maps Request a Ride feature page has been updated to show that You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps. The actual reason for the removal of this feature isnt officially known but there are a couple of possibilities, the most likely of which is that Uber wasnt collecting location data after and before a ride like the official Uber app actually does.

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