You can now set Google Assistant to have a British or Australian accent

Starting today, Google now lets you switch the voice to have either an Australian or British accent for Google Assistant across your devices.

You could always do this in the past, but it involved changing your system language to another region like English UK or English AU. But now you can keep an accent while still keeping all the text and spelling as English US.

The voice models are built by DeepMinds WaveNet synthesis. Using deep neural networks, it can simulate realistic sounding voice that sounds natural.

If you want to check these new voices out, open the Google app on your phone and tap the More tab to access the settings. Then, hit the Assistant tab and tap Assistant voice. Youll see two new voices for Google Assistant here. Sydney Harbour Blue is for the Australian voice and British Racing green is for the British accent.

We didnt see the new voice options show up right away, so the feature should be rolling out over the next day or so.