You can now give New Paint a spin (unofficially)

Perhaps as many of you, my image drawing and editing days started off on MS Paint. As you may have heard, Microsoft is completely revamping the app, giving it 3D capabilities.

Twitter user Gustave M published the AppX file signed by Microsoft for the Windows Store, so it’s easy to install (it only works on 64-bit devices, though). Find the download link in Gustave’s tweet.

I tried out the app quickly and drew this picture – okay, my artistic abilities are suspect and the app doesn’t quite work right, but it has some powerful features.

New Paint has a modern, tablet-friendly interface

New Paint has a modern, tablet-friendly interface

You can draw 3D shapes (couldn’t find a way to do much with them, though) but my favorite feature is the 2D shapes. Several pre-made ones are available (free-hand drawing is possible too) and you can change the stroke. For the star, I used the star shape and told Paint to use the spray can tool for the outline, then gave it a fill color.

There are no layers and only 3D shapes can be edited after they are drawn – for the 2D stuff, it’s like the good old days where you can’t change shapes after you drew them.