You can now buy the HP Elite x3 sans desk dock for $699

HP has been selling the Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile device in the US since September, but so far you’ve only been able to purchase one with the bundled desk dock. That arrangement shot the price up to a hardly palatable $799 unlocked, but now there’s some good news if you don’t need said dock.

HP is finally offering the Elite x3 without the desk dock, and it’s $100 cheaper than the aforementioned bundle. However, there’s a huge caveat at the moment. This dock-less configuration only shows up on HP’s online store for small and medium businesses, so if you want to spend $699 for the Elite x3 sans dock you have to have one of those.

Hopefully the company will expand the listing to its consumer-oriented online store in the near future, and it wouldn’t hurt if the Microsoft Store started selling it too at some point. One thing to note is that if you purchase the device without the desk dock and then decide you want the accessory at a later time, you’ll pay $150 for it – so think it through and if you have any use for the dock better save $50 and go for the $799 bundle.

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