You can have a port-less Meizu Zero for $1299 through Indiegogo

It looks like Meizu has turned to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to finance its port-less and button-less Meizu Zero smartphone concept.

The Zero’s campaign is live on Indiegogo in the US and the entrance fee (which gets you an Engineering sample Meizu Zero) is $1,299. If you don’t know how a crowdfunding campaign works – a company sets a funding target (in Meizu’s case that’s $100,000), which it needs to bring a project to reality and people pledge money to it. If Meizu reaches the target money it has set then it will manufacture the Zero and those that have pledged above a certain threshold will eventually receive a unit.

The campaign says the $1,299 Engineering Unit Meizu Zero’s will ship in April of 2019 and there was 1 exclusive Pioneering Unit (priced at a neat $2,999) that’s expected to ship in January (so tomorrow?) that is already gone.