Xperia XZ Premium is now a part of Sonys Open Devices program

Sonys Xperia XZ Premium has been added to the companys Open Devices program. The company is happy to provide developers with the resources to build aftermarket ROMs for participating devices. The Xperia XZ Premium is Sonys latest flagship device. If you dropped money on a premium device, Sony wants to make sure you can get the most out of the device, especially if youre all about flashing ROMs.

The Open Devices program is also a great way for Sony to learn from outside developers. By providing the software binaries for its devices, Sony can take notes on what the developer community is doing; it might be able to spot a feature or setting that was tweaked a certain way by a third-party developer. Sony can take this into consideration for future builds or future devices.

If youd like to build a ROM for the XZ Premium, or if youd like to participate in Sonys Github projects, head to the source link for more information from Sonys dev website.

Samsung could surely learn a thing or two from the developer community. It sure could use some help on the software optimization front.

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