Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone to come with dual-camera setup, teaser reveals

Xiaomi has outed a new teaser for its upcoming smartphone. The teaser image reveals that the phone will feature a dual camera setup.

As you might already know, the Chinese company has scheduled a product launch event on September 27 where the Mi 5S is expected to be unveiled.

If you recall, back in July, there were rumors that the Mi 5S will feature a dual rear-camera setup. But since then, we’ve been hearing that the handset will sport a 16MP rear unit.

While it’s entirely possible for the Mi 5S to sport a dual camera setup, it’s worth mentioning that latest rumors out of China are suggesting that the phone that’ll be made official on September 27 is not the Mi 5S – reports say it could be the Mi Note S instead.

Needless to say, we’ll keep you updated as and when we hear more on the matter.