Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Forbidden City Edition goes on sale in December

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Forbidden City Edition is going on sale in December (the company didnt specify an exact date). It will cost CNY 5,000 ($720/630). That’s the same price as the 8/256GB model (the base 6/128GB model is CNY 3,300).

This special edition will pack 10GB of RAM (the first model in the Mix 3 lineup to do so). Also, its a different kind of blue its inspired by the ceramic vases of one of the ruling dynasties of China. Fitting as the back of the phone is made of ceramic.

Also, theres a gold inlay of a mythical create on the back of the phone. The Forbidden City retail package will come with a cool case that features an even bigger rendition of the beast and youll get a statuette of it, a scale version of those found in the eponymous city (the statuette is plated with 24K gold).

The case also includes a 10W wireless charger, but all Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 models have it.