Xiaomi Mi Box Spotted on a Walmart shelf

Today, Twitter user @garrettdotcom tweeted a photo of a Xiaomi Mi Box, an Android TV box that has 4K support with 60fps support, HDR-ready, HDMI 2.0a, 8GB of Storage, and 2GB of RAM. The box was found at Walmart on a shelf, for sale with a retail price of $70.

@jasonhowell @androidshow @Ohthatflo @ronxo saw this Mi Box at Walmart today for $69. Was this released yet?

George Garrett (@garrettdotcom) September 23, 2016

Since its announcement, not much was known about pricing or when we could expect to see the Android TV box in stores. Reports pointed toward an October launch in the US. It looks like perhaps a store had them early and didnt know they had to wait to put it out. Or it could also be that some Walmart stores are now putting them on shelves.

Unfortunately, the Mi Box is nowhere to be found on Walmarts website. If we dont see it pop up on the website in the next few days, then it looks like this particular store stocked the item too early.

With the rumors of an impending release for a new generation Chromecast with 4K-capable video and possible HDR-compatibility, and with the same rumored price of $70, it looks like the Chromecast could have some deep competition this Holiday Season.