Xiaomi Mi A1 goes on sale in Europe

Want a pure Android phone that doesnt cost as much as a Pixel 2? Android One is seeing a resurgence as Xiaomi joined in with the Mi A1. The phone is perfect for those that like Xiaomis value for money hardware but have objections to MIUI.

And now the phone has started appearing in Europe. Its already on sale in the Netherlands for 260 (shipping 2-4 workdays). Its available in Greece as well, though it costs 284. Units are available in Poland too for PLN 1,300 (300).

Xiaomi Mi A1 in: Black
Xiaomi Mi A1 in: Gold
Xiaomi Mi A1 in: Rose Gold

Xiaomi Mi A1 in Black, Gold and Rose Gold

In Spain, the phones are cheaper – 228 but they will arrive next week (the 9th or the 10th). In the same time frame, the phone will launch in Hungary for HUF 75,000 (240) and Russia for RUB 19,000 (280).

In Bulgaria it will be available on the 12th, for BGN 550 (280). Its much cheaper still in Italy – 220 but will ship on October 15. Then theres the Czech Republic where shipments start on October 19 for a price of CZK 6,700 (260).