Xiaomi Mi 6 teardown shows us it’s almost waterproof

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is splash resistant, but what gives it that resistance? And why isnt it rated for full water resistance? The best way to find that out is to take the phone apart. And while he was at it, JerryRigEverything also stripped the back glass of paint to show off the internals of the phone.

It seems that Xiaomi got 90% of the way there to waterproofing the Mi 6. The SIM slot has a rubber seal, theres no headphone jack and every speaker and mic grille have special mesh screens that keep water out. The one hole thats left wide open is the USB-C port – theres no waterproofing on it at all. Perhaps Xiaomi can finish the job for the Mi 6 Plus?

As for disassembling the rest of the phone, its all standard Philips head screws and some sticky tape – there are no major roadblocks to taking the Mi 6 apart. Here, watch a pro do it: