Xiaomi launches ShareSave in India, a platform for buying products from China

Xiaomi has launched a new e-commerce app that will let you purchase ecosystem devices and products that are only available in China. Xiaomi has backed so many products from water bottles, to toothbrushes, desk lamps and smart bulbs. Xiaomis aim is to expand the reach of its ecosystem products.

The ShareSave app is first launching in India with more markets to follow later. Amazon might already carry some of these products, but the cost of importing them is passed on to the customer. The ShareSave app has a unique approach to buying goods with plenty of opportunities to save on the cost of the product.

How much youll save will depend on the purchase mode. Pair-up will get you and another friend a discount for buying another of the same item. Drop mode lets you save up to the entire cost of the item if you can get enough of your friends in on the group buy. Finally, Kickstart lets you contribute an amount to a startup item so you can get up to 10 times the amount back when the item is fully funded.

With its unique ecosystem model, Xiaomi has currently incubated and partnered with more than 100 IoT and lifestyle companies. With more than 132 million connected devices (excluding smartphones and laptops), Xiaomi has the worlds largest consumer IoT platform.

ShareSave will let you enjoy the same products from Mainland China with full local support, such as after-sales services and deliver right to [your] doorstep at honest process.

Since the platform just launched, you might not see what youre looking for right away. You can already download the ShareSave app from the Play Store if youre in India and check out the products they offer.