Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll after users choose Android One over MIUI

Last week, Xiaomi ran a Twitter poll asking people to choose between MIUI 9 and Android One. As you may know, MIUI is the ROM that majority of the Xiaomi phones ship with while Android One comes directly from Google and is what you find on the Mi A1.

It seems Xiaomi expected a landslide victory for its own MIUI over Android One, but the good people of Twitter had other thoughts. At last known count, Android One was leading by 57%, with the remaining 43% going to MIUI 9.

And then it happened. Xiaomi deleted the tweet.

But nothing is ever truly lost on the Internet and predictably there were many screenshots of it taken, one of which you see below.

Raju PP (@rajupp) February 9, 2018

Here’s the thing. First of all. And second of all, Xiaomi should have accepted the defeat gracefully instead of deleting the tweet, especially since over 14,000 people voted on it and many more had seen it. Nobody would have realistically expected Xiaomi to just switch over the Android One for all its devices in future and at most we would have liked to see one more Android One device in its ranks in future, which can still happen.

Xiaomi should have also seen this coming; people have been asking for stock Android devices from manufacturers for years now and sure, the average consumer might not really care or even know the difference but people on Twitter surely would.

Anyway, this was all pretty amusing but on a serious note, we would all like to see more stock Android devices with fast updates from Xiaomi in future.