WhatsApp to get end-to-end encryption for voice calls and group chats, reports say

In light of the FBI VS Apple fiasco thats gathered the attention of readers around the world, Facebook is reportedly planning to encrypt voice calls and group chats on the worldwide messaging giant WhatsApp.

Apparently the company was having similar issues with Brazil as Apple had been having with the FBI in the US. The only difference was officials were successfully able to get a court order for a users WhatsApp data, to which the company was unable to help since it has been encrypting all of its users messages since 2014 and was not able to come up with any of the users information.

The Guardian reports that WhatsApp now plans to offer users end-to-end encryption for all voice calls and group chats on the app. Likely in response to the unfortunate events of Brazil detaining a Facebook executive for Latin America when WhatsApp was unable to provide the courts the information they demanded.

Surely after everything ongoing about privacy and security with connected devices and apps, users will be more aware of these privacy concerns and WhatsApp could potentially advertise a product that is safe from unwanted viewers.

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