Weekly poll: your Galaxy Note7 was recalled, now what?

It’s official – Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note7 due to battery cell issues. If you have one already, Samsung will replace it. However, there’s a good chance you don’t since the European launch was planned later than the US one (and there were further delays too).

So, perhaps you settled in for a wait and this is just yet another delay. But it does create a timing issue – even Europe’s later launch was ahead of the expected iPhone 7 launch, giving consumers time to exchange (bank)notes for Notes.

Now the tables have turned – Apple has the first mover’s advantage. Of course, this is only a factor for impatient people who want the cutting edge, even if a sharper one will arrive very soon.

Are you one of them? There’s no shame in admitting it, we do it too. Or have you decided on the Galaxy Note7 and are willing to wait.

Your Note7 was recalled, will you: