Weekly poll: Xiaomi Mi 6, hot or not?

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is a bit of a stealth flagship, at least in the west. Thats because the company never really got a foothold in western stores and retailers, but the phone itself is so loaded with features that you may be tempted to import one (its currently not available in the international store).

The Mi 6 joins the dual camera party with two 12MP sensors, each behind a different lens – one wide-angle (27mm) and one zoomed-in (52mm). You can check our Just-in article to see the difference in focal lengths. The 8MP selfie cam seems solid too, more on that when we publish the full review.

This isnt Xiaomis first dual camera, but the Mi 6 is fairly unique in the companys lineup. We think its gorgeous (especially in blue-and-gold trim), would you agree? Some of you may wish Xiaomi completed the waterproofing, though splash proofing is nothing to sneeze at.

And we probably wont hear many complaints about the Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB of RAM, but the MIUI software may be divisive. Some love its batteries included approach, others are Android minimalists.

So whats the overall attitude towards the Xiaomi Mi 6? Yay or nay, hot or not?