Weekly poll: What is the best screen aspect ratio?

A couple of weeks ago, we detailed the history of aspect ratios, now we want to hear what you think. Is 16:9 the golden mean, suitable for both apps and multimedia? Or are you on board with 18:9?

16:9 is currently the dominant aspect on phones, computer monitors, TVs. That in turn means most videos come in 16:9, certainly when it comes to TV shows and YouTube videos. Anything else leads to a blank area, be it pillar-boxing or letter-boxing.

Games benefit from a wider screen, it essentially creates a wider field of view for the player. The taller screens also allows app designers to be more liberal with status bars, shortcut rows and so on.

And since both Android and iOS moved their navigation keys on screen, you might as well cover the bezel with screens, right? Not that a wider screen is a requirement for thin bezels, but 16:9 bezel-less phones are quite rare.