Weekly poll: Sony Xperia XZ – are you getting it?

What does a refreshed X design, plus the pedigree of a “Z” champion equal? Well, the answer is rather obvious and the name, as we have already said time and time again – quite aptly chosen. If you hold any warm feelings for Sony’s smartphone endeavors and we know many of you do, you probably went through our in depth review of the Xperia XZ.

Fancy words and lofty promises aside, with the extra information at hand, the only remaining question is simple – Would you buy the Xperia XZ or not? Pre-orders have been live for a month now and the phone already went on sale in Taiwan with other markets expected to follow shortly.

There is certainly a lot to like about the new look. Its fresh and modern with the unique “ALKALEIDO” finish only adding to the the overall premium feel and serving as a due reminder of Sony’s signature way of experimenting with new materials. But the XZ is more than just a looker. The Snapdragon 820 SoC, plus 3GB of RAM and a 23MP snapper is indeed the top spec Sony has offered to date and still perfectly competitive in the flagship realm.

As for the camera, it finally checks the 4K box and tops things off with a trio of focusing technologies. Sure, the display might still be stuck at FullHD, but there are advantages to be had there. Besides, the 5.2-inch panel is one upgraded to deliver better image quality and battery life is improved vastly over the Z5 generation. Throw in Type-C reversible port, a fast fingerprint reader, IP68 rating and stereo speakers and you get the well-rounded picture of the Sony to have in 2016.

The real question is, is it enough to land the XZ on your shopping list? You be the judge, tells us, did Sony knock it out of the park this time, or is the Xperia XZ still not all that it should be?

Are you getting the Sony Xperia XZ?