Weekly poll results: Xperia XZ1 won over the fans

Two out of three people like the Sony Xperia XZ1, according to our poll. Thats good news for Sony, it seems that the company has not lost its mojo. Better still, quite a few of you brought up its more petite sibling, the XZ1 Compact (but thats the subject of another poll).

So, how did the big XZ1 get so much love? Sony has been reliable when it comes to software updates. Many adore the squarish design, a rarity when most other makers have very rounded phones. The battery life is solid, along with the usual strengths of a flagship Xperia the stereo speakers and the waterproofing.

What Sony is doing with the camera also resonates with fans things like the 960fps slow-motion mode and the new 3D scanning feature.