Weekly poll results: Xperia XZ Premium hotly anticipated

You, our readers, are a savvy bunch and you like to make informed decisions. Thats why most of you have decided to wait out the first reviews of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium before you spend your hard-earned cash. The people in the wait and see camp outnumber the pre-order group by 3:1!

Though it is fairly clear that Sony fans have an appreciation for the XZ Premium, it is strongly preferred over other Sonys. About a third of voters are seeking other brands, but half the vote went to Sonys flagship – predicated on living up to its lofty promises, of course.

Looking at the comments gave us a clue why some hold Sony in such high regard – it’s the longevity of its flagships. Many Xperia veterans attested that even after 2+ years, they keep chugging along with no major issues or slowdowns.

Well, we cant say how the Xperia XZ Premium will hold up after 2-3 years (wed need a crystal ball for that), but pretty soon we will publish our review of what the phone is like today.