Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi 6 overwhelmingly loved

Among murmurs of wheres the headphone jack, fans heaped praise on the Xiaomi Mi 6. With nearly 80% of the votes – that is 4 in 5 people in favor – the affordable flagship has what it takes to become a hit.

At its 400 or so price, the dual camera and Snapdragon 835 chipset (with memory to spare) are a huge plus. The curvy design is liked, though not quite cutting edge compared to some bezel-less offerings (which cost a good deal more).

As for the headphone jack, Xiaomi had the foresight to include a small adapter cable and that seems to be enough for many. The company did not include headphones in the retail box, but no one complained about that (Mi 6s price allows it to sidestep the demand for accessories).

Now, if only Xiaomi could do something about the global availability of the Mi 6 – is still only showing the 5s generation.