Weekly poll results: vivo NEX Dual Display is a cool phone

This was a contentious vote, but ultimately the vivo NEX Dual Display walked away with a positive mark in last weeks poll. It was close, though.

Its clear that having a second display is a cool feature, though not everyone is convinced its worth it. Right now its best feature is that it enables a great selfie camera while keeping the main display notch-free.

For some, the coolness factor is worth the extra cost of a second AMOLED panel. More practically-minded people did not agree and were concerned about the second display having an impact on battery life (it wont as we found out in our review).

Practical or not, the NEX phones have established vivo as a leader in innovative designs. Remember that it was pushing in-display fingerprint readers before anyone else. And now it has a different solution to placing a selfie camera on a full-screen phone dont. But thats the topic for our next poll.