Weekly poll results: the ideal weight for a phone is between 140g and 170g

For most people, the ideal weight of a phone is between 140g and 170g. We were surprised to see how many people commented on our poll that lighter is better. Theres a sort of stigma around light phones the heavier handsets just feel more durable.

Of course, that is mostly an illusion. A phone made of polycarbonate will like outlive a metal phone while being lighter. But plastic doesnt sell phones, metal and glass do just look at a list of the best-selling phones.

Many people did say that weight is a secondary concern. And its true that battery and additional hardware add to the weight, but there isnt a strict correlation between weight and battery capacity, e.g. 202g iPhone 8 Plus has a 2,680mAh battery. Or between weight and durability the Moto Z2 Force with its shatterproof screen weighs just 143g, for example.

Plus, keep in mind that the cases most people put on their slippery metal-and-glass phones adds to the weight. Why did removable back covers fall out of fashion again? We still think they were a better solution than cases. Oh, well.