Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is Best Phablet of 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge won the Best Phablet of 2016 vote, a clean sweep for Samsung (the small S7 won the Best Smartphone vote). This was a much more heated debate – the S7 edge still has a wide lead, but it didnt dominate as much as its smaller sibling.

People asked about the Galaxy Note7, but that phone has a terrible battery life (the update limited it to 60% charge) and youre not allowed on planes anymore.

Anyway, LG performed much better this time – the LG V20 is second! It beat out the iPhone 7 Plus by a healthy margin, showing that LG did the right thing going from the G5 to the V20 (G5 was second to last in the previous poll).

Surprisingly, OnePlus 3 stole third, closer to the LG than the iPhone (in fourth). OnePlus is a young company with only three generations of devices (and four devices total) but people love what its selling.

Apple slipped to fourth after the second place in the previous poll. The bigger iPhone 7 Plus is more heavily loaded with features but all popularity polls so far show the smaller iPhone 7 is better liked. Not far up the polls, but at least Google’s Pixel XL got a similar vote as its chief rival, the big iPhone.


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

LG V20

OnePlus 3

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Google Pixel XL

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

Motorola Moto Z

ZTE Axon 7

Huawei P9