Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy Note8 feels the love

Nearly half the people that answered our poll are happy with the Samsung Galaxy Note8. The Note line is one of Samsungs big money makers but has struggled in the last two generations. Now it seems to be back on track.

The Galaxy Note FE formerly the Note7 received weak support, about half of the votes that the Galaxy S8+ scored. And from past polls we know that the S Pen is a huge differentiator, but apparently the older hardware didnt excite the crowd.

Not that there were no complaints about the Galaxy Note8 either. Most of those that complained grumbled about the price (a hefty $930/999). Then there are those who are not too happy about the new design sealed battery, curvy screen (which hinders screen protectors), the new extra wide screen too.

Even so, the new stylus-packing flagship seems bound for a great first week of sales, which will be in mid-September.