Weekly poll results: mini flagships showered in love

Competition between smartphone makers has them pushing the numbers up, up, up and one that increases with each generation is the screen diagonal. And the prestige of a big screen is coupled with big specs while small screen phones are perceived as “low-end” and the specs of phones reflect that.

There’s the exception to that rule – super minis, compacts, whatever you call them they are few but famous. The Xperia Z Compact was perhaps the best known of them and this week it got a spiritual successor.

The Xperia X Compact showed that you can have both a 4.6″ screen and an awesome camera. Also this week, the ZTE Axon 7 mini (well, a 5.2″ mini) joined the cause. And, of course, the iPhone SE upholds the “small but strong” motto over at the iOS camp.

Our poll revealed a vocal group that will eat those up – 75% of people who voted were in support of petite powerhouses.

Unfortunately for them, bezels are the bane of a mini – geometry makes sure that equal bezels impact the screen-to-body ratio of small phones much more than on big phones.

Makers are trying – Sony’s Xperia XA is the narrowest 5-incher, nubia has a clever optical effect for the “bezel-less” nubia Z11, Samsung’s curved screens also reduce the apparent bezels.

And yet, the nubia Z11 mini isn’t bezel-less and Samsung is yet to make, say, a Galaxy S7 mini edge (or even just a regular S7 mini). Well, some smartwatches are getting e-SIM cards voice call features, that’s as mini as it gets. Though that’s probably too much of a good thing.