Weekly poll results: Half the people have at least one USB Type-C device

The future is now, sort of. USB Type-C has reached mainstream adoption and is steadily pushing away the trusty old microUSB 2.0. That said, microUSB is far from dead – it is actually the only port 43% of our readers have on their phones.

A third of those who responded to our poll (okay, marginally less – 32%) have USB-C as the only port on their phones. So it’s either a recent and only phone, or multiple phones, all of them using the reversible connector.

There are those that are in an in-between situation of migrating to Type-C, but still holding on to older microUSB devices – 17% of the votes fall in that category. But when we say ‘older’ that doesn’t have to mean old – the Galaxy S7, for example, which is yet to be replaced, is still using microUSB (retroactive ‘Boo!’, Samsung). Adding the numbers for the last two groups, we get 49% of voters that have at least one Type-C phone.

There is also a small percentage of iPhone users too – 7% of our poll voters rely on Apple’s own reversible connector. That might be changing in the years to come though, judging by the company’s quick adoption of Type-C on its laptop lineup.