Weekly poll results: give us stock Android or we’re gonna install Nova Launcher!

We hear it time and time again and last weeks poll confirms it people prefer stock Android. Overwhelmingly so, this option got a cool 42% of the vote while the second place Samsung was way behind with 15%.

Android gained extensive customization features a while ago it started with custom launchers, lockscreens and keyboards and ended with native theme support. These days you can tweak stock, non-rooted Android quite a bit… unless a manufacturers skin gets in the way.

We have a tie for 3rd place Motorola and Xiaomi at 10% (were even willing to include Sony at 9%, its close enough).

By the way, in the comments you heaped the praise on Nova Launcher indeed, its a highly capable, very customizable launcher. Unfortunately, there are limits to what even Nova can do (e.g. Xiaomi/MIUI can be overly aggressive in killing background apps).