Weekly poll results: Galaxy S7 voted best smartphone of 2016

It didnt take you guys long to pick a favorite, did it? The Samsung Galaxy S7 took the lead right out the gate and now, several days later, the lead has only grown bigger. Were closing the polls with the S7 taking 41% of the votes – a massive lead over second place.

Second place went to the Apple iPhone 7 with just 16%. That in itself is a pretty good score since its a wide lead on third place – a tie between the Google Pixel and Sony Xperia XZ. The XZ was a surprise since in a previous poll it just barely got a positive approval rating. To be fair, the Google Pixels didnt get even that much.

We suppose past polls are not a strong indication – while the Xperia and Pixel hovered around 50/50 on the hot or not polls, the iPhones got pummeled, getting a 2-to-1 vote against. And yet here we are, people have warmed up to the Apple phone and put it in a secure second place.

Good news for Xiaomi, though, with 7% of the vote the fresh Xiaomi Mi 5s almost matched the HTC 10 (8%) and beat the LG G 5 (5%) and Huawei P9 (4%). The young company has been more efficient at grabbing the consumers attention than some of the mobile stalwarts.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

Apple iPhone 7

Sony Xperia XZ

Google Pixel

HTC 10

Xiaomi Mi 5s


Huawei P9

We’ll shortly be switching the poll to Best Phablet of 2016 (5.5 and more).