Weekly poll results: flat screens preferred, but not overwhelmingly so

Most of you 90%! – have an opinion on the flat vs. curved screen debate. Both options have their proponents, 4 in 10 want a flat screen while 3 in 10 want a curved screen.

The curved glass option proved less popular, perhaps because you get some of the negatives (hard to apply a screen protector), without getting all of the positives (narrower phone). Screen protectors (and overall durability) were mentioned often in the comments by the flat screen camp.

Flat screens also offer better grip than their curvy cousins. We suppose this counts towards durability your screen wont crack if you dont drop your phone. Another observation was that the curved sides bent the top and bottom portions of landscape video, which isnt ideal.

That said, curved screens look much more futuristic and they help slim down the phone they may it narrower and hide side bezels. And Samsung, the leading Android maker, seems committed, so they are not going away soon.