Weekly poll results: camera phones get a pass on humps, everything else better be flat

Most people dont care for humpback phones… unless they are camera phones. Last weeks poll on the matter revealed a 2:1 preference for flat phones, but the simple yes or no vote doesnt tell the whole story.

Looking through the comments reveals a fairly common sentiment – I dont mind a hump, if its for a great camera. Unfortunately, extra-large camera sensors are not the reason behind modern humps, instead they are caused by extra-thin phones.

Even those that are okay with the camera want it to flow into the design. Everyone has their favorites, but plenty of examples were given for both ugly and well-executed humps.

Theres no bullet-proof recipe for success, but a central hump with sapphire glass is a good start it keeps the phone balanced and is more resistant to scratches (an issue when humps are involved).