Weekly poll results: a Nokia flagship is hotly anticipated, low-enders get the cold shoulder

The fans are hungry for a new Nokia flagship, with 44% of the vote that is quite clear. However, HMDs entry-level offerings failed to spur up such excitement the 5 and the 3 got a few measly percentage points. Even the Nokia 3310 ranked higher, we guess the nostalgia factor is strong.

Even the Nokia 6 barely beat out the Nokias belong in the past option with 18% and 17% respectively. Its more of a workhorse phone rather than a dreamy flagship (the same can be said of the 3310), so practical-minded people would be quite happy with it.

The Nokia 5 had to fight an onslaught of comments about the Sony Xperia XA1, a similarly priced competitor. The pricier Samsung Galaxy A5 also came up.

As for the Nokia 3, there were a few commenters that are happy with it, but most find that the bang for the buck ratio is skewed more towards buck.

Now its down to the upcoming high-end Nokia models to rebuild the reputation of the brand that fizzled out during the Windows years.